To analyze different English literary genres, such as theatre plays, poetry, etc. To be able to evaluate and integrate these genres in the ESL classroom, from first year of primary to last year of secondary.

This course is directly linked to the material theory covered in LIT4403 : Introduction to English Literature and Culture, as students will now reinvest their own knowledge of literature and literary culture to preparing sound pedagogical materials for ESL students. Successful students in this course will be able to do the following: To analyze different English literary genres, such as plays, poetry, children’s literature, novels and short stories. To be able to evaluate and to integrate literature into the ESL classroom, from the first year of primary school to the last year of high school. An overview of different ways to analyze texts. Strategies on how to teach literature and culture to students. The creation of lesson plans with a literary content. How to use texts to improve students’ fluency in reading, speaking and writing in English. Evaluation of the content of different books as future pedagogical tools.

*This course is mandatory.